Botanical Specimens I-VIII

This ongoing series of botanical specimens posits an otherworldly biology which is demonstrated both by the alien plant specimens and the unrecognizable photographic process known as a hiraethotype. These 8x10 glass positives are back lit dimly to reveal their detail.


Hiraeth (Welsh): Homesickness, or an intense longing for a home you can't return to, or that never was.

This work is an abstract exploration of micro and macro imagery, an otherworldly representation attempting to offer refuge from this world. The cosmic soundtrack is generated using musical notes generated from my DNA.


London during World War II, it was commonplace to see signs with the word “shelter” pointing to public places of refuge. Recently, while travelling I found that some of these signs are still visible today.

Making this work led me to reflect on how shelter is intended to provide protection but often acts as a barrier. Shelter can also be intangible.

For some, once the protection is no longer needed, the shelter lingers like an after image stunting connection to the outside world. It continues to impede connection long after the physical element is shed.

September 7th 1940

September 7th 1940 reinterprets my grandmother's childhood experience of World War II. Each segment combines the landscape of Quebec and Great Britain through video and photo manipulation.

I recite my grandmother's journal as the Quebec landscape moves around still but incongruously placed buildings and scenery from the various places my grandmother inhabited throughout the war.

Home 1963-2013

Through immersive video projections and sound recording Home 1963-2013 is an attempt to recreate my grandmother's home.

The projections are a combination of video and photographs collaged together creating a fragmented view of the space paralleling the flawed nature of memory. The installation intends to evoke the calming feeling of the home while acknowledging its ephemerality.

"Home 1963-2013 challenges the normative dichotomy between private and public spaces by interjecting a domestic space, traditionally understood as a feminine space within an institution that has been dismissive of the domestic."

- Kristen Millar, COMBINE 2013 Exhibition Catalogue


St-Damase (2012) is a series of this rural town which has a clear barrier between it and the farms at its borders.

The series demonstrates the collision between this small town, the vast land that surrounds it and the untouched elements of nature that peek through.


This series from 2012 considers elements of domesticity such as the configuration of homes and their common decorative elements, placing emphasis on their sense of shared ritual.